Let systems be systems, let humans be humans. Don’t capture your expert case handlers in rigid workflows but use Dynamic Case Management to enhance your ability to resolve complex cases in a flexible manner.

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We see an ever-growing demand for highly automated case management processes. A chain of command that brings all your cases home in perfect form. Effective? Check! Efficient? Check! Compliant? Yes please! Dynamic Case Management aims to fuse required transparency and control, so case handlers are free to assess and value the nuances of each individual case in an efficient, compliant and consistent manner.


It usually takes multiple people, departments and systems to manage the complex set of processes that make up a case. Automation by task or workflow management systems often create a one-size-fits-none, rigid process that forces expert case handlers into a straitjacket. As a result, the computer says no and people will find ways to work around the computer. Instead of routing tasks, Dynamic Case Management will guide the expert passed milestones, leaving them free to their work based on the customer’s journey. A powerful rules platform will support and protect the expert whilst they make decisions based on company policies, SLA’s and regulations.

But where to begin?

Start with the design and of your current and desired processes. Focus on the different personas, milestones and outcomes of the case. Now find the rules that will help, guide and protect you along the way. This blueprint will become the foundation of a flexible, rapidly built and tailor-made solution.

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Be consistent, transparent and trace what you’ve done. Don’t manage cases but resolve them.

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